My Way the Way of the White Clouds - Als nieuw

  • TitelMy Way the Way of the White Clouds
  • SchrijverOsho
  • EAN9781852306991
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  • UitgeverRebel Publishing House GmbH
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Conditie: Als nieuw
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Osho's inspiring and life-changing book offers you a vision of profound personal transformation. Believed by many to be the greatest spiritual teacher of our century, he has drawn thousands of men and women the world over to his ashram in their search for spiritual fulfilment.

Now you, too, can benefit from his compassion and wisdom in your own search for inner happiness. Choosing the symbol of the white clouds to represent the seeker after knowledge, he addresses all the states - storms, winds, sun and rain - you will inevitably have to face on your spiritual journey. Osho is the perfect Master - with boundless patience and love he offers you a guiding light on the path to inner joy, through the dilemmas of modern life.
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