The Bushcraft Boxed Set - Nieuw

  • TitelThe Bushcraft Boxed Set
  • SchrijverDave Canterbury
  • EAN9781507206690
  • Uitgave vorm
  • UitgeverAdams Media Corporation
  • Verschenen01-11-2017
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    € 53,39

Conditie: Nieuw
The Bushcraft Boxed Set brings together four titles from wilderness expert and New York Times Bestselling author Dave Canterbury. the collection includes:br Bushcraft 101: the primer to wilderness survival based on the author?s 5Cs of Survivability (cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages)br Advanced Bushcraft:Takes it to the next level with self-reliance skills that teach you how to survive with little to no equipmentthe Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild:Provides everything you need to know about packing, finding, and preparing food while trekkingbr Bushcraft First Aid:Written with Jason A. Hunt, PhD, it?s the go-to first aid resource for anyone headed into the woodsWith this boxed set, you?ll be prepped and ready for your next outdoor adventure?wherever it takes you!
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